Anther Gin

Well, if there’s one thing we at The Craft & Co have always been striving for from day one, is to promote and nurture local artisan producers. This ideal can best be summarised and highlighted with the recent launch of a crowd-funded campaign for a new boutique Gin brand named Anther, founded by Sebastian Reaburn (aka Seb) and his partner Dervilla McGowan (aka Derv). By using the The Craft & Co in-house distillery as a platform, they can now bring their combined passions for making, creating and producing to life. So, if you are a fan of Gin, especially the hand-crated variety, then pledge your support for this new crafty venture!


A little about the founders of Anther

Derv left bartending to become a scientist, and like the rest of her scientific breed she enjoys mucking about with things to see how they work. This means making an amazing gin by exploring the science of flavour and trying out an uncommon business model to take Anther Gin from a crazy idea all the way to sending the liquid in the bottle to you!

Seb has spent his entire working life in the liquor industry. He has condensed all his skills to become the the house distiller at The Craft & Co, where he runs experimental distillations and collaborations. The temptation to make his own Gin was too much and he has given in.

Derv and Seb bring complimentary ways of thinking to crafting their gin; history, cocktails and science. Over the last few months Derv and Seb have been running micro-distillations in the front window at The Craft & Co, using the scientific method to refine the recipe from a shared inspiration, to a list of ingredients.



Anther Gin is made onsite at The Craft & Co, distilled in small batches in the beautiful 180L hand-beaten Carl copper pot still. This is a gentle still, with 3 plates, that hits the balance retaining the character of the botanicals and control of the process. They distil using a traditional one shot method, all botanicals are macerated then distilled in tiny batches. Each batch takes a few days of maceration and two days to distil. You can’t rush this gin, the traditional batch method takes time, and every step is done by hand.

For more info on how The Craft & Co could help you launch your own craft spirit brand and product, please contact Gypsy Hub