Find “Your New Happy Place” again this Christmas

To help reinforce our Gingerbread Gin‘s mantra “Your New Happy Place”, we have just developed an inspirational and delicious new cocktail for this coming festive season. And we think we can all agree that everyone needs to find their “new happy place” in 2020. Introducing… the Gingerbread Gin Egg Nog!

Gingerbread Gin Egg Nog  (serves 4-5 people)

150ml The Craft & Co Gingerbread Gin

500ml Milk

250ml Cream (some extra cream for whipping to garnish at end)

½ cup sugar (less if you don’t want it too sweet)

3 x egg yolks

1 x star anise

1 x whole nutmeg (or 1tsp ground nutmeg)

1 x tsp vanilla bean paste (1 vanilla pod seed)

1 x tsp ground cinnamon (or whole cinnamon stick)


-Heat milk and cream on low heat, add vanilla paste, ¼ grated nutmeg & star aniseed

-Combine cream, yolks and sugar together, once milk is hot (but before simmer and boil) whisk in egg mix

-Continuously stir mixture for about 10min, but do not allow to boil!

-Slowly add Gingerbread Gin

This is then ready to serve in warm martini glass or wine glass. However, this cocktail work very well chilled *(especially for our summer Christmas in Oz). All you’d need to do is let the Gingerbread Gin Egg Nog get to room temperature before putting in the fridge and ready to take out and serve on Christmas Day or whenever you feel like it really!

For Garnish:

Whip up some fresh cream, add a dollop whipped cream on top of your egg nog mix, sprinkle with cinnamon (or add cinnamon stick or dehydrated orange slice) and grated nutmeg. Voila!